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New Patient Coordinator/Customer Service Advocate

Mecala is well versed in customer service as an Starbucks Barista for the last 4 years. She came to our office with a desire to help kids and families heal. Mecala joined our team in 2016. She brings a warm smile and hardworking dynamic to our team. She has successfully completed our National Epic Chiropractic Assistant Certification and earned Master CA Status! Mecala is more than an assistant, she has a wealth of knowledge regarding health and chiropractic and is happy to answer any question you may have regarding your care at our office.

My purpose and role in the office is to make sure patients are staying true to their health goals by scheduling them around their hectic life schedules. I strive to make it as easy and convenient as possible to ensure they are able to meet the goals that have set for themselves.

What Chiropractic Means To Me

Chiropractic to me is freedom. People have goals and dreams that they want to achieve in their lifetime, and are hindered by simple things such as aches and pains. Chiropractic care can give you your life back. I personally had no experience with a chiropractor before starting here, but I have seen so many lives effected on a daily basis by it that it has given me a better outlook on my life. Golf is a big part of my life and I would go every single day if I could. Just from being adjusted on a weekly basis, I have seen slight improvements on my mobility and flexibility. I know with continuing care, I will just see more and more things that I am able to do in and outside of golf. I want my future family to be able to do anything that they put their hearts and minds to. I know chiropractic can help with achieving those goals and that means everything and more to me. – Mecala

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