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Patients of the Month

Patient of the Month Virginia

Stress, Pain and Low Energy

Virginia is the sweet “Mom-Next-Door” who was quietly suffering with hip and back pain, low energy, and high stress. She was referred to our office from a good friend. She has gain so much quality of life back, feeling like the amazing mom she was meant to be!

Patient of the Month Corey

Migraines & Fatigue

Corey came to us with chronic, debilitating headaches and migraines. She has a fun-loving attitude but was fatigued, worn out, and finding it difficult to keep up with her two young children and her Family-Owned business. Corey quickly learned the benefit of chiropractic care. As her life was improving she brought her entire family in for care. She is loving life and watching her children and business thrive!

Patient of the Month: Daxton

Seizures and Gut Issues

Daxton has been one of our all-time favorite patients. He is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle soul with a constant smile on his face. Dax has suffered with seizures his entire life. His mom has been looking for help and hope for him. She saw a news segment on Chiropractic helping seizures. She immediately contacted the chiropractor whom referred her to us. They make a 3 hour drive, several days a week. Daxton has not only reduced his seizures, but also reduced and even eliminated several of his medications. We are so proud of Dax and his family and so blessed to see his quality of life improve substantially!

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