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Patient Experience Developer

Daniel moved back home to Idaho from Sunny California 3 years ago & immediately joined our team. His family is grateful to have him close, and we are blessed to have added him into our lives. Daniel is a highly motivated young man who loves life and is quick to put you at ease and add a smile to your day. His energy and presence gleams FUN, enthusiasm, and drive. He thoroughly enjoys people, and values connecting with each and every one of our patients. Daniel is dedicated to being the change he would like to see in the world.

Daniel is often the friendly voice you hear when you call our office. As a Master CA, Daniel is able to thoroughly answer many of your questions, and make you feel right at home.

My role is to welcome and invite individuals from the community to the office so we may assist them in getting the help they need. I help to keep patients on track so they can meet their health goals and succeed.

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