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Frequently Asked Questions

We love your questions! Here are some of our most frequently asked…

Getting Started with Chiropractic

Why do I need to schedule 2 appointments for the first visits? »

We are dedicated to providing the best care possible to each patient. Splitting your New Patient Visit into 2 days allows us to do this. The more we know about you or your child and your individual health history, the better we know if and how we can help. The first visit will consist of gathering personal health information, reviewing all systems, understanding your health goals, a consultation with the doctor, and a neurological scan to see what may be disrupting or interfering with your body’s full health potential. We ask that you schedule a second visit to allow the doctor ample time to review your case, neurological scans, and then create an individualized care plan based on your unique condition and health goals. Please bring anyone involved in your health care decisions to your second visit. The doctor will go over the findings from your scan and present a care plan and answer all of your questions. Once a plan of action is agreed upon, you or your child will receive your first adjustment.

If I have been a patient in the past do I need to fill out paperwork again? »

It depends on the length of time between your last visit. As our software and policies update with time, our paperwork must match our latest agreements. We promise it doesn’t take much of your time or interfere with your care.

How often do I need to come? »

It truly depends on the health of your nervous system and your health goals. We design individual care plans based on those vital pieces of information. With our advanced neurological scanning unit we are able to measure and track your progress to help you best.

Do I check-in/fill out the iPad at every visit? »

Yes. Our ipads host the best, most advanced Electronic Medical Records system in chiropractic. Your individualized PIN tracks your visits and creates an opportunity for you to document and communicate with the doctor in order to help you best.

Can you come two days in a row and get the same benefit? »

Yes, just like exercising more than one day in a row can improve your health, chiropractic care can as well.

Is it better to use heat or ice? »

It depends on your condition. If you have a new or acute injury to an area of your body ice may be best. We prefer heat, if desired, after an adjustment.

How long will it take before I feel better? »

It depends. Each patient is unique. Lifestyle stress plays a large role in the healing process. Our job is to remove the interference that is causing your body to dysfunction. It is your body’s job to heal to whatever degree and potential you allow. The environment you expose yourself to can increase or decrease your healing potential. Physical, chemical, and emotional stress all have an impact on overall health and healing.

What conditions can be treated with chiropractic? »

Chiropractic is not a treatment for anything, ever! Your body was created, by design, to self-heal and self-regulate. Chiropractic is designed to evaluate and improve the condition of the nervous system by removing interference in that process so your body is able to heal and regulate.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Why do you scan so often? »

Our Neurological Scanning unit is the most advanced technology to measure the function of your nervous system. The clinical data gathered from our scans provide us the very best information to care for you. We scan on a regular basis to track your progress and the health of your nervous system, which is the master system of your entire body.

Will I be sore after my first adjustment? »

Some individuals are sore after their first adjustment. It is normal to have a neuro-muscular reaction to an adjustment. Just like starting a new exercise program, your body is changing and new muscles and a new neurological firing sequences is being established.

Will I come for the rest of my life? »

We do not make any lifetime agreements here. Just like exercise and healthy eating, you only receive the benefit when you are choosing to engage in it. Most of our patients find that they have a higher quality of life and receive so much benefit from regular chiropractic care that they chose to make chiropractic care a permanent part of their lives.

Should I come in if I feel good? »

Feeling good is wonderful! Some patients choose to use chiropractic as a natural pain-relieving method and many use it to achieve a higher quality of life. Many patients choose to come in when they feel good because they understand that we are working with their nervous system as a whole, not just symptoms.

Can I get adjusted when I am sick? »

Yes, and we highly recommend it. One of the very first chiropractic research papers ever written was in 1926 when it was discovered that one upper cervical adjustment could raise your white blood cell count by up to 10,000! It has been proven that patients heal faster, and have stronger immune systems while under chiropractic care.

Can I get scanned if I am sick or taking medication? »

Yes you can, in fact few patients are “well” during their active/initial care phase. Scans are typically scheduled after every 12 visits to track progress, and will always be under the doctor’s discretion. We prefer our wellness patients to be absent of a cough, as it interferes with your ability to be still during your scan.

Will getting adjusted hurt? »

It depends. It does not usually hurt, but it certainly can. Discomfort after the adjustment is common, but can be a really great sign that your body is adapting to a new position.

What is the popping noise? »

Not every chiropractic adjustment has a “popping” noise, nor does it indicate the effectiveness of the adjustment. The audible noise is a shift or release in the synovial fluid in and around your joints. Each spinal segment has upwards of 9 joints so it can sound noisy but there is not a Richter Scale in chiropractic. ;)

Can you adjust any joint? »

Yes, we can adjust any joint (that is not fused). From cranial bones on infants, toes for bunions, ankles from sprains, shoulders from over use and poor posture, elbows, knees, and even sinuses to relieve congestion and pressure.

Will you adjust the same thing every time? »

It depends. Your scan and daily assessment will help the doctor make their best adjustment for your body.

Is getting my neck adjusted dangerous? »

Contrary to the media hype and the “opinion” of some medical doctors, with proper assessment, getting your neck adjusted is not dangerous and is HIGHLY effective in removing interference from your central nervous system. Relieving stress in and around your brainstem can optimize the communication between your brain and body which is why some chiropractors choose to only adjust the upper cervical spine.

Is there more than 1 way to adjust something? »

Yes. Each doctor is skilled at several techniques, and are constantly evaluating your progress during your care. We find the technique that will best help you.

Will I have to wear a gown? »

Clothing is worn during your adjustments, however, you must wear a gown, or a top with access to the entire spine during your neurological scan.

How long will an adjustment take? »

Just, seconds. However, your time in the office from check in, wait time, being accessed by the doctor, questions or discussion, and check out will take a total of 5-15 minutes depending on your individual needs.

Can I be adjusted in private? »

Of course, we respect your request for privacy. Let the assistant at the desk know when scheduling.

Is there more than one way to adjust something? »

Yes. There are several techniques in chiropractic. Each one is designed with the same outcome in mind, less stress, and more balance in your Central Nervous System. Our doctors are about 80% the same, and 20% variation in our delivery. It is great to be seen by every doctor throughout your care plan. Three sets of eyes and three different areas of expertise is a win-win for everyone.

How long will an adjustment hold? »

Adjustments do not necessarily “hold” per say. It is up to your brain to change the neurological firing to your body. Depending on the amount of stress that has been in your nervous system, and the length of time. Healing takes time and repetition.


Newborns & Children

When should I bring in my newborn? »

We LOVE seeing newborns. Having them checked by a pediatric chiropractor is the best start to life. Birth can be rather traumatic on both mom and baby. We see infants who are just hours old. When mom is comfortable traveling and ready to leave the house, they are in our office.

Is chiropractic safe for children/babies? »

Chiropractic is the safest form of health care for all ages. Find a seasoned Pediatric chiropractor for your little one. Our office team is highly trained and effective at adjusting pediatrics.

Can I bring my children with me to my appointments? »

We LOVE having children in the office. We prefer that you do bring your child. There are several play areas, coloring, and puzzle stations. It also allows them to see other children getting adjusted and allows a smooth, worry-free, and even exciting transition into care, if you so choose.

How much experience do you have adjusting children? »

We LOVE seeing kids and have TONs of experience with children. We are Epic Pediatric Chiropractors and have continual training (twice monthly, and live quarterly trainings) with caring for children. It really is our favorite population!



Will my insurance cover chiropractic care? Will it cover all of the care I need? »

It depends. Insurance coverage is different in each plan. “Health” Insurance is designed to help with coverage when you are ill or have a condition. Very few insurance plans cover chiropractic care. Just like changing the oil in your car, or paint on your house, not covered by your auto or home insurance, chiropractic tends to be a personal investment that is well worth your time, money, and energy.

What is the cost of a new patient visit? »

It depends. We have very affordable new patient on boarding process, however we do offer free 15 minute consultations with the doctor to give you a better idea of your condition and estimate of a cost.

What are the benefits of being on a care plan? »

Care plans are created based on each patient’s individual needs and unique health goals. To best ensure your success and reach your goals in our office, a recommended care plan should be followed. Your care plan is designed to make your experience simple, affordable, to track your progress, and to set expectations in advance.

Do you have ‘family plans’? »

We LOVE seeing families and we do have family plans. Our appointment times are easy and convenient to see the whole family at once.

Is there a fee if I cannot make my appointment? »

There are many families who need our help and we are a very busy office. We do our best to accommodate your schedule. We prefer a 24 hour notice to allow another family to have your appointment spot. We do have a $20 cancellation fee for no-shows, however, rarely does this policy have to be enforced, as most patients enjoy coming in, and we are understanding of emergencies.

Who do I talk to about my financial questions? »

Our professional medical biller is your best option for answering any and all questions about the financial portion of your care plan.


More About Purpose Driven Chiropractic

What is your Community Room? »

We have a vision of creating a healthier community. What better way to do that than in an area where patients can be surrounded by others with the same vision and goals. Chiropractic is for those who desire a higher quality of life. Most patients who come into our office have the same desire for their family. We have decided to go against the status quo of making “health” isolated and private, but rather gain support from those who have the same aspiration…before there is a healthcare crisis. We do have private adjusting suites for those who prefer to be adjusted behind closed doors, have a private question for the doctor, and with the review of scans and progress reports.

Why is everyone so happy? »

The vast majority of our patients enjoy coming to our office. They have a desire for a higher quality of life and the results speak for themselves. Even if you enter with a frown, most leave with a smile!

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