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Patient Services Representative

Kandice, a Master CA and a BSU grad with a degree in Kinesiology, is using her skills and wonderful personality at our office to aid in the care of our patients. Kandice is dedicated to educating and bettering herself both personally and professionally. She loves to learn and spread joy to those that she comes in contact with.

Kandice has a wonderfully supportive family who has stood by her side as she has trekked through life. She continues to make them an important and special place in her heart.

You will see Kandice all over the office assisting our patients and team members with many things, but you’ll see her at the front handling patient accounts and in the Therapy Room most often.You can’t miss the bright energy she exudes so don’t be shy to say “Hello!”

My role in this vision and mission is to facilitate the healing process by performing therapy techniques that enhance the chiropractic adjustment and subsequently the body’s ability to adapt and heal. Also, since I do spend a substantial amount of time with our patients, I have the ability to show them what’s possible in their own lives by sharing my story, sharing patient success stories, providing more education about chiropractic concepts and modeling the health behaviors I know will help them attain their potential.

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