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Patient Financial Services

Kim is the most amazing mother to 6 bright and beautiful children. She often refers to herself as having “half-a-dozen” kids. Which is a reflection of how easy-going she is about life. Kim was raised using alternative and natural healing means. She has raised her own children the same way, using essential oils, organic diet, and a chemical -free home.

When her 6 week old was unable to nurse or latch she brought her to our office for help. Soon all of her children followed right behind, her sensory and spectrum child being one of the first. She often shares his story at our live educational summits, The Perfect Storm. He was unable to attend school due to his attention-span. He is balanced, calm, and healthy. He is now thriving at a prestigious school in the Valley.

Kim now runs our Patient Financial Services. When she isn’t home snuggling her kiddos you’ll find her at our office loving on other patients and their kids.