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Patients of the Month

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Patient of the Month Alexis






Hunter & Mason

Patient of the month - Higby brothers

Amelia & Isabella

Patient of the month
Amelia and Isabel shared the womb, which is such a beautiful thing, however, it can get pretty cramped in there. Click here to read more about Amelia & Isabell

Amelia had less room to move and spent a lot of time breech (butt down) at the bottom of the womb. She was also the more emotional twin and difficult to keep happy. When her sister, Isabel started walking, and Amelia was unable to stand by 16 months they started looking into getter her some help. Help was PT. When it was unsuccessful, they decided to take her to the pediatrician who took and x-ray and said they would need to break her bones and reset them. NOT the answer they were looking for. A friend referred her to our office. Her exam and scans revealed massive rotation and neurological stress in her pelvis. It was causing instability, and motor dysfunction. We also found neurological stress in her upper cervical spine attributing to balance and mood. Amelia is now walking and all caught up to her sister. When Isabel started having severe food allergies that were sending her to the ER covered in hives, rashes, and breathing difficulty they brought her to us as well. Within a few visits here she was eating food that had previously caused reactions. The rash slowly faded, and her hives are a thing of the past. Now several of her siblings are under care and thriving! We just LOVE this family.


Bed Wetting


Jacob was originally brought to the office for chronic knee pain that was inhibiting him from normal child play. Click to read more about Jacob

The pediatrician wanted him to see a specialist for possible problems in his growth plate. The resolution for this is to break and cast the leg. A neurological evaluation revealed neurological stress in Jacob’s pelvis that was causing deferred pain down his leg.

Within the first three visits Jacob was pain free, no breaking and casting needed! Unknown to Jacob and his mom, the neurological stress in his pelvis was causing late age bedwetting. This was something they struggled with not knowing there was help available! Within the first stage of care Jacob stopped bedwetting and said goodbye to pull-ups forever!! Chiropractic care has been a double win for Jacob!!


Chronic Pain



Heidi found Purpose Driven Chiropractic over a decade ago when Dr. Christie and Dr. Jeremai were the new Chiropractors in town. Click to read more about Heidi

She was seeking care for severe lower back pain that was stopping her from living her life the way she wanted to. She has two very active, now adult, children, who she wanted to be able to keep up with. Since beginning care, her lower back pain has improved tremendously. She has learned that by keeping her nervous system free of interference, her body is able to heal and adapt on its own, making it easier for her to manage the lower back pain if it does flare up. She has noticed that she sleeps better and her flexibility and mobility are drastically improved. She maintains this level of health through our Wellness program where she enjoys coming in for her weekly tune-ups!
To see a video of Heidi’s story, click here.





Patient of the month Jason






Patient of the Month Laura


Patient of the Month ElizabethLizzy’s mom was searching for our help when Lizzy, who is a competitive gymnast, fell on her neck and was severely injured. Click to read more about Elizabeth

She was also a child that suffered from constant throat infections and terrible allergies. When they came in for her first appointment, her mom had already scheduled her for surgery to get her tonsils removed. Dr. Jeremai implored mom to trust him, to give Chiropractic care some time, be patient, and surgery wouldn’t be needed. Weeks into care, her neck was 100% healed and her tonsils were back to normal size! Lizzy is now thriving with our Wellness care. She is no longer on her allergy medicine and she is able to kick any sickness that comes her way within a couple days.


Joan and her story




Patient of the month Henley
Henley’s mom was seeking our care when Henley was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia Disorder and selective mutism. Click to read more about Henley

Henley was a 3-year-old little girl that wanted so badly to thrive. She was not able to leave the house or have anyone over without vomiting. Her parents enrolled her in speech therapy and behavioral therapy thinking that it would help her be more comfortable in her own skin. They found that these therapies made it worse. Henley was embarrassed that she was different. She knew what she wanted to say, but just couldn’t figure out how to get the words out. When Henley first started in our office, she had a handful of words people could understand. Three months into care, she had over 20 words, she could leave the house, she was THRIVING in speech, and she didn’t need behavioral therapy any longer. Nine months into care, she is talking in full sentences and you would never know she was diagnosed with selective mutism or Apraxia Disorder. She was also dismissed from all of her IEP services, which most parents know is a major accomplishment. We are so proud of this girl!!

Ethan P.

Patient of the month Ethan P



Brumfield Family



Tennyson and her story
Tennyson was frustrated and feeling defeated when it came to chronic bed wetting.
Click Here for more of Tennyson’s story
Not being able to sleep in a room with her siblings, instead having to sleep on a separate bed in her parents’ room. She was frustrated and having more symptoms of being stressed out and discouraged. Through chiropractic care and some hard work at home, Tennyson has conquered her body and now stays dry every night. She is happy, confident and loving being able to have her own bed in her room with her sister. Now her mother’s only complaint is how to get those girls to sleep at a reasonable hour!


Ear Infections




Failure To Thrive



Family Wellness

Iacoboni family


Wight family


Chacon family

Patient of the Month - Chacon Family









Heather came to Purpose Driven Chiropractic with 1% in her life battery. Click to read more of Heather’s story.

She was constantly fighting headaches, fatigue and didn’t feel like she was able to deal with daily stressors the way she wanted to. Each day in care she made a consistent 1% change towards her health and has recharged her life battery to 100%! She is truly thriving! Her day to day life is now headache free, she’s able to deal with all the stressors life may throw her way and she feels like she’s able to be a better provider for her family. She continues to bring in her entire family, one person at a time. Every time she steps foot in our office, her smile and her infectious energy brightens the days of everyone in the office. To see a video of Heather’s story, click here.


Patient of the month Corey


Patient of the Month Greysen


Declan and his story


Impaired Vision


Patient of the month Maddax




When Erin began care at PDC, she was a completely different person compared to the person she is today. Click to read more about Erin

Erin sought out PDC because her body had shut down. She was depleted of all her energy and struggled to walk into our office after many ER and hospital visits. She was bed ridden, heavily medicated and had acute digestive pain from Chrohn’s, Colitis and IBS when she found our office online. Now when Erin walks through our doors she is FULL of energy!

She can eat whatever she wants, no more medications and she tell’s us she feels like a whole different person. She feels like she’s able to be a better Mom and wife. Watching her health journey has been so inspiring for all of us at the office.





Patient of the month Kendra


Patient of the month Jace
Jace was described by his parents and grandparents as a “lethargic” baby. Click to read more about Jace

He was very sluggish, stoic, and moved slowly. He was uninterested in toys, people, rolling, playing, or eating. He had just started crawling, very slowly, before his first birthday. They didn’t know what to do or where to turn. A family member at the school told them about The Perfect Storm and our office. They decided to make a 2.5 hour trek from Oregon to Idaho to our office for care. Jace started to make a quick turn around. He was holding is bottle, smiling, interacting with others, playing with toys, and crawling much faster. They continued to make that drive for months. Jace was getting adjusted Thursday morning, Thursday Afternoon, and Fridays, then making the trip back home. He was having so much success they brought in 3 of his cousins who were having struggles in school with learning, focus, moods, and digestion. The whole crew came together to get their life back on track. All of the children, including Jace, made such great progress. They are so hopeful that a pediatric chiropractor will set up shop close to their home to continue wellness care.

Quality of Life


Monica and her story
Monica found her way to Purpose Driven Chiropractic after a recommendation from a friend, who had experienced some amazing changes in her life as a result of her Chiropractic care. Click to read more about Monica

Monica had always valued an active lifestyle through golf, weightlifting, yoga, and riding her bike. To her dismay, injuries and a major emotional life event created obstacles in her life. The injuries limited and even prevented her from physical activity. Her motivation suffered due to the emotional stress and the frustration of not being able to do the things she loves. Now, she has restored her body’s ability to heal, returned to all her favorite activities without pain and is maximizing her quality of life through a wellness and holistic approach to health.









Patient of the month Kathryn
Kathryn started care at Purpose Driven Chiropractic due to severe neurological challenges that left her having seizures and developmental delays.
Click Here for more of Kathryn’s story
She wasn’t speaking and having severe mood swings. Her parents were worried about being able to start kindergarten and were seeing their stress over Kathryn affect their family negatively. Through a long hard battle, and months of intense care, Kathryn has settled into her own. She can go to kindergarten, has developed more speech, and has no
more seizures! Kathryn is a happy, healthy, extraordinary child and has limitless potential for her life.


Sensory Processing/Spectrum

Bradley V



Patient of the month Henry
Meet our little friend Henry. Click to read more about Henry

When he walked through our doors over a year ago he was anxious, stressed, non-adaptable to change, and clothes and shoes did not feel right. While his personality was sweet as can be, he was constantly uncomfortable in his own skin, which came out in behavior. He didn’t want to be that way, but was unable to control his reactions. His loving, understanding, and driven momma had been watching and following our social media and website for years. She had our scans in the back of her mind, but she didn’t know anyone else who had a child under chiropractic care. It wasn’t until she started hearing other families success stories that she decided to bring him in. She desperately wanted the same for her precious son. Henry’s initial scans revealed just what we suspected. His nervous system was stressed, inefficient, and out of balance. Over the months he slowly started to calm and connect. Allergies weren’t as intense, clothing started feeling better, anxiety started to lessen. Today Henry is under wellness care and enjoying all four seasons from wearing pants, shoes, snow pants, and boots, and tolerating pollen, heat, and school. It has been so fun watching him thrive.

Easton G

New-Patient-of-the-Month-Easton-GEaston was a 2-year-old little boy whose amazing light was trapped inside his body. Click to read more about Easton

His mom was pleading for answers after diagnoses of ADHD, ADD, and Autism. She wanted to know WHY. Easton would have two, sometimes three, hour long tantrums of self-beating, harming others, and uncontrollable emotions. He was completely non-verbal, wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone, and wouldn’t sleep or eat meals. This left his family in a very tough spot. Life had to be centered around what Easton could and could not do. They couldn’t go out to eat, go to birthday parties, go grocery shopping, have babysitters, or go to parks. When mom finally found our office, their lives were flipped upside down. Easton began care and endured the detox phase. His light slowly began to shine. He was cuddling, saying “I love you”, Looking his parents in the eyes, and sleeping! A year and a half into care, Easton is absolutely thriving. He is speaking clearly, can control his emotions, and is a light of hope for so many kids who have received similar diagnoses.


Patient of the month Tyler
What a great kid, trapped inside a stressed body.Click to read more about Tyler

Tyler is an other success story of loving parents who have tried EVERYTHING to help their son thrive. He had been in and out of various therapies his entire life. He was struggling to keep up emotionally and physically with his peers. From toe walking to poor motor both fine and gross. He was unable to focus and learn at school. His mother, a Montessori teacher, knew that it would be a great environment for him do his very best. After starting care and watching his emotional health stabilize, he was able to start kindergarten on time. He is catching up to his peers with learning and hand-writing. Tyler is now under wellness care and continues to make such great improvements toward
living his best life possible. Tyler is such a joy to this world.



Spina Bifida




Stress Reduction




Patient of the Month Christine




Patient of the month Kim

Renee & Ashley

Patient of the month-Renee and Ashley
Ashley found Purpose Driven Chiropractic when she moved to Idaho to pursue a new opportunity in her career as a police officer. Click to read more about Ashley

Ashley has always been conscientious about her health and lives a very active lifestyle. She recognized that her job is extremely physically and emotionally demanding. She found that the physical demands were starting to limit her ability to perform her daily tasks of living, such as bending down to tie her shoes. She also noticed that she was experiencing anxiety due to the stress, which was interrupting her ability to interact with the people around her. She is now supporting her overall health with regular Chiropractic care, which allows her to enjoy her life and live the active lifestyle she values.


Patient of the month Cameron

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