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Written Testimonials

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Concentration Has Become Less Challenging

At 6 years old, I was having serious sensory processing issues. I was the textbook definition of a sensory seeker. I was craving stimulation from anywhere I could get it. I couldn’t sit still and concentration was very difficult for me. I had out of proportion breakdowns and I couldn’t make it through school most days. When I first came to PDC my energy score was through the roof! After starting care, my entire family and even my teacher said I acted like a totally different child. Concentration has become less challenging for me and my energy output has taken a serious decrease. I am well on my way to being able to process the world so much better!

~ Anonymous

Stronger Immune System

I first came into Purpose Driven Chiropractic due to a neck injury from gymnastics. Before I even attended my first appointment, I was told that I needed to schedule a tonsillectomy in the next 30 days due to my compromised immune system. I was experiencing severe strep, colds and sinus infections. For over 3 months I had been given multiple rounds of antibiotics but nothing was working. After the first 30 days of care, I was told I no longer needed to have my tonsils removed! Yay! I now have an exceptionally stronger immune system and am able to enjoy gymnastics to my fullest ability.

~ Anonymous

I am Now Finding it Way Easier to Focus

School can be challenging for an 11 year old, especially when you are struggling with extreme concentration and focus challenges. It would take me hours and hours to get homework done which caused even more stress in my household. I also had issues with my handwriting and spatial awareness. My parents were forced to take me out of traditional school and enroll me in a homeschool hybrid program. After over a year of care I am now finding it way easier to focus in school and am utilizing my energy in creative outlets such as creating my own comic book! My social skills and spatial awareness have greatly improved as well!

~ Anonymous

We Love Seeing His Progress

When your child is struggling in school, it is extremely emotionally challenging as a mom. My 8 year old was struggling with severe sensory and behavior challenges. He was also toe walking as a result of these sensory issues. His behavior had gotten so bad that the school he was attending had asked him to leave. This was very scary as a mom. I kept thinking, “Is my child going to be able to continue his education?” We even had to start homeschooling him. Now after starting care at Purpose Driven Chiropractic, he is now handling stress better and the toe walking has stopped. He is sleeping better and has minimum allergies! We love seeing his progress all thanks to chiropractic care.

~ Anonymous

I am Now Crushing School

My number one goal when starting chiropractic care was learning how to read. I was 8 years old and struggling immensely with school, communications and life in general. I was also diagnosed with ADHD. My parents were told medications was their only option, but they knew in their gut that’s not what they wanted for me. After about a year and a half under care I am now able to read proficiently! I am now crushing school as well & I am not on any medication! My parents said that they can’t believe the difference in my behavior.

~ Anonymous

My Prostate Problems Have Decreased

I was recommended to Purpose Driven by my personal trainer during my journey to a healthier life. I had been dealing with movement, tremors and prostate problems. It was starting to become in inconvenience in my daily life. I am an avid golfer and these issues were definitely inhibiting me from doing what I enjoy. After my first adjustment I had to sign some paperwork and I told the front office staff, “I haven’t signed my name this clear in years,” My prostate problems have decreased and I have a lot more control over my bladder. This is the power of chiropractic care my friends!

~ Anonymous

I’m Happier Than Ever

I came to Purpose Driven Chiropractic after I crossed paths with Dr. Jeremai and shared my story with him. He told me I had to come get checked and have a neurological scan done. I am an avid horse rider and have been competing in events for a long time. Prior to starting care, I was finding it difficult to even ride my horse, let alone compete. I was struggling with massive lower back and hip pain. I have multiple neck fusions. I couldn’t handle life not being able to do the things I love. It got so bad and I had been struggling for so long that I even got to the point where I wanted to take my own life. Fast forward to today, I’m on the Wellness program and I’m happier than ever. I get to enjoy riding my horse without all the agonizing pain. I got my life back!

~ Anonymous

She is Now a Thriving 4 Year-Old

I brought my daughter to Purpose Driven Chiropractic when she was four months old. She had Torticolis. She couldn’t latch or even move her head. The doctors diagnosed her as failure to thrive. It’s heartbreaking being told that your child is unable to receive or process enough calories to keep her nourished. It only took a few adjustments for her to start improving with her health. At that point, my husband said no more Chiropractic care. When my daughter was 9 months old, she ended up in the hospital needing a feeding tube. Her health did not improve and neither did my marriage. When my daughter was 13 months old, I separated from my husband and brought her back to PDC. At that time, she still looked like she was a 6 month old. I knew in my heart that Chiropractic care is what she needed. She is now a thriving 4 year old and is keeping up with her big brother!

~ Anonymous

We Are So Grateful

I brought my 7 year old son to PDC for a number of reasons. He could be aggressive and super emotional. He would harm himself and try to choke himself. He was a sleepwalker and we were terrified when he got out of the house at night one time. But the most terrifying thing for him was his night terrors that would wake him multiple times in the night. They were so severe that me or my husband would have to sleep with him at night. It was agonizing watching him go through all of this and we couldn’t do anything to help him. As parents, my husband and I were at a loss. Our marriage and family life were strained. We were so tired from the constant sleepless nights. His siblings didn’t want to interact with him because they couldn’t understand him. Our son is now a happier, healthy 10 year old. The night terrors are a thing of the past and we are all enjoying getting sleep at night. He is regulating his emotions and behavior and he is able to enjoy spending time with his siblings. We are so grateful to PDC for helping our son get his life back!
~ Anonymous

Much Less Anxious

Middle school is tough as it is. Add anxiety to the mix and it’s even harder. Our children have to go to school, but when your child suffers from anxiety you feel bad for making them go to a place where it will be intensified. My child’s social anxiety made him feel like he couldn’t connect with his peers. It affected his sleep and it affected his life in many other ways as well as ours. His parents. Today he feels much less anxious. He’s sleeping better and making more connections. These connections come easier than they did before and he’s a happier teenager. He’s even noticed changes in his own health like less having colds and less digestive issues which is awesome! And as a parent nothing feels better than seeing your kids feel happy and well.

~ Anonymous

I’m Happier and I’m in Control

Having feelings of sadness so often is really hard. Controlling my emotions wasn’t easy. Having thoughts of hurting myself was scary. I already didn’t feel good about myself and then on top of it all I’m struggling at school. It’s even harder to handle all these emotions when your parents aren’t together…After dealing with this stuff for a while, my mom and grandma decided to take me to the doctors at Purpose Driven Chiropractic. I immediately started connecting with the team and the doctors. They like my sense of humor and I enjoy going to the office to see them all. My mom and nana started seeing results pretty quickly and I started to feel more in control with my emotions. I’m not nearly as sad now but when I am I’m able to handle it better. When I’m upset I’m able to calm myself more easily and having more confidence has really helped me at school and home. I’m happier and I’m in control and that’s awesome.

~ Anonymous

Improved Physical Coordination and Strength

After three to four months of chiropractic care, my son has improved his physical coordination and strength. This has helped him to run, walk, and play with more confidence and less falling down, injuries, and frustration. He is proud of the progress he has made and enjoys seeing Dr. Christie Hafer during our weekly visits.

Dr. Christie Hafer has taken lots of interest and time to really get to know my son and his challenges. She helps bridge the communication gap between other healthcare disciplines and takes it upon herself to discuss treatment plans with my son’s occupational therapist. I really appreciate her caring, patient nature. She made my three year old son feel very comfortable and at ease in her care. She went as his speed and built trust and a lasting relationship! I feel very well cared for by all the members at Purpose Driven Chiropractic. They made us feel like family since day one.

~ Anonymous

My Overall Health & Wellness

August 1, 2017

To the staff of Purpose Driven Chiropractic,
Last Fall, I came into your office seeking help healing a frozen shoulder, likely caused from writing my third book. Sitting down with Dr. Jeremai for the first time, I began to realize there was a bigger picture—my overall health and wellness.

Working with Dr. J, I began to accept the scope of my injury and the path it would take to heal. You see, in the four years before coming to your office, I had suffered numerous health challenges including mercury poisoning and adrenal fatigue. The results from my initial CORE testing were so poor, full healing wasn’t guaranteed. I was stunned, and not in a good way! read more»

As someone who has written extensively for the health industry, I thought I understood chiropractic. But now I see that my thinking had been conditioned by years of going in to various professionals in “emergency” situations for a quick fix.

As I sought consistent treatment from Purpose Driven Chiropractic, I began to see improvement. I began to believe this could and would change.

Unfortunately, 4 months into treatment, I took a bad fall on the ice and ended up with acute whiplash. This complicated my frozen shoulder and set back my healing. Now my movement was even more restricted and even small movements could cause severe pain or vertigo. I was frightened this would turn into a lifetime disability.

Dr. Jeremai became a mentor teaching me a new way to think about healing. He showed me that if we could correct the way my central nervous system communicates with my brain that my body would open up to realignment. He fed me research, which is important to me as a writer. Eventually Dr. Patrick got involved as well and I benefited from both of their strengths.

Progress has required perseverance (due to a intense travel schedule with my work), but now I’m experiencing rapid change. Understanding the neurological basis of chiropractic has given me confidence to fully embrace lifestyle changes, like adding water aerobics and paddleboarding.

Now I’m thrilling at each physical and mental milestone. I know I will not only regain what I lost, but I will end up a far healthier and more fit person. Every day I do something to move forward.

Equipped with a better understanding of the science of personal wellness, I’m excited to turn 60 this year. My journey isn’t over, but now I understand that isn’t the point. My health will always require maintenance.

My sincerest thanks for the kind of investment each of you makes in the lives of your clients.

~ Robin Weidner, Copywriter and Author: Secure in Heart, Eve’s Song and Grace Calls

A True Believer

At first, I was skeptical, but now I am a true believer. I cannot believe how easy my pregnancy was, much better than I have ever imagined. Dr. Hafer put me at ease with her gentle technique and compassion. The office atmosphere and her professionalism left me extremely confident in her care. It set her apart from any other doctor’s office I have ever been to.

~ Mindi

Gave Me My Life Back!

As a previous athlete and marathon runner, I wrote off my Glory Days due to the every day aches and pains I had. I thought it was part of “getting old” and hadn’t run in 7 years. After a few visits with Dr. Hafer, I got back on the treadmill. In 3 months, I was back up to running 3 miles/day and lost 40 lbs. At age 62, I ran a half marathon and finished within seconds of my time 15 years ago. Dr. Hafer gave me my life back!

~ Paul

Life Without Pain!

I began seeing Dr. Jeremai Hafer for lingering chronic pain in my hips, back and neck. The pain had just been there for the last 40 years or so, and I had grown so used to being in constant pain that I trained myself to ignore it and get on with life. I gave chiropractic a try and I now have a life without pain!

~ Laura

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